GFIPM Outreach Resources

GFIPM stakeholders have developed a variety of resources for disseminating information about GFIPM to interested parties at varying levels of technical detail. These resources are described below.

Office of Justice Programs GFIPM Web Page

The U.S. Department of Justice’s Office of Justice Programs (OJP) has developed a web page that provides high-level information about the GFIPM program, including the basic goals of an information-sharing federation, recommendations of the Global Advisory Committee (GAC) pertaining to GFIPM, and a list of GFIPM program participants.

Browse the OJP GFIPM Web Page

GFIPM Executive Overview

The GFIPM Executive Overview is a 2-page flier that describes the purpose of the GFIPM program at an executive level.

Download the GFIPM Executive Overview

GFIPM Terminology Matrix [DEPRECATED]

DEPRECATION NOTICE: This document has been deprecated by the GFIPM Task Team. Agencies and stakeholders that require detailed knowledge of GFIPM terminology are encouraged to consult the NIEF Terminology Reference. For more information and guidance about this recommendation, please contact

The GFIPM Terminology Matrix provides a terminology and concept map between GFIPM and other prominent paradigms in the areas of identity management, privilege management, and service-oriented architecture. Its purpose is to help GFIPM stakeholders better understand the various technical terms used in GFIPM by mapping each GFIPM term to the corresponding terms from other technologies.

Download the GFIPM Terminology Matrix