GFIPM Implementation Resources

The following resources are available to provide GFIPM federation member organizations and prospective member organizations with technical assistance throughout the process of joining a GFIPM federation and implementing information-sharing services within it.

GFIPM Implementation Web Portal

The GFIPM Implementation Web Portal contains implementation guidance as well as downloadable GFIPM developer toolkits and user-supplied content via a GFIPM Implementer Discussion Forum. User account registration is free, and all implementers in the GFIPM community are encouraged to sign up and participate.

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GFIPM Reference Federation

The GFIPM Reference Federation contains conformance and interoperability testing resources for the GFIPM community to use in validating compatibility of various products and service endpoint implementations with GFIPM specifications.

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GFIPM Web Services Implementer Toolkits

To support the adoption of GFIPM Web Services by the GFIPM community, the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) has developed several GFIPM Web Services Implementation Toolkits and made them available to the GFIPM implementer community.

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