GFIPM Reference Federation Updates

The GFIPM Reference Federation has continually served the GFIPM community as the primary conformance and interoperability testbed for GFIPM integration and interoperability testing efforts since 2008.  Recently the testbed was updated with a new feature to help reconcile typos and minor attribute configuration errors on GFIPM Identity Providers.  This new capability analyzes the content of the raw SAML assertion delivered to the GFIPM Reference Service Provider and verifies each attribute name and attribute name format against the GFIPM Metadata Specification.  In the past, when mistakes of this nature occurred it would only be detected by manual inspection of the SAML Assertion, as the reference service provider simply filtered out all invalid attributes.  Now administrators will be able to quickly see all the data they transmitted and which attributes may contain errors.

By using this capability along with the existing capability that analyzes attribute values for correctness against the  GFIPM Metadata Specification, administrators can fully validate the technical configuration of their GFIPM Identity Providers faster than ever. The following example shows how this new tool identifies incorrectly named attributes as well as attributes with incorrect name formats:

This image shows an attribute name error, as well as an attribute name format error.

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